About SoundLife Hearing Technologies. 

At SoundLife Hearing Technologies, LLC, we care about your hearing health and are proud to offer the best equipment and care possible for your hearing health issues. In short, your hearing is important to us. If your hearing aids need an adjustment or you just need a hearing test, SoundLife Hearing is confident that we can take care of you. We want to walk with you from step one of your hearing health journey and see it through to the end, whether that be walking out with a new hearing aid or just sitting in for a consult. SoundLife Hearing Technologies cares about you. Our priority is to our patients.

About Our Team: Joe and Kate Wilson

Joe Wilson is a licensed hearing instrument specialist who had the privilege to apprentice under Ervin Dock, the former chairman of the Missouri Board of Examiners, for four years. This experience, Joe said, shaped him greatly.

“I don’t think God could have put me in a better place,” Wilson said. “Ervin was probably the most qualified person in the entire Midwest to train me.”

Joe’s concern for the needs of his patients and his dedication to helping them enjoy life more fully has made him the specialist of choice for hundreds of patients in southwest and central Missouri. His commitment to his patients has been the driving force of SoundLife Hearing Technologies, with all other interests taking a backseat.

Joe is familiar with all of the latest technology and is qualified to help all patients, even those with more difficult and complex circumstances. It is the belief of Joe and SoundLife Hearing Technologies that educating our patients is critical in helping them successfully overcome their hearing impairments so that they can lead active and vibrant lives.

Kate Wilson runs all things office at SoundLife Hearing Technologies, from answering phones to scheduling patients to keeping things running smoothly when Joe is at one of our outlying offices. An honors graduate from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Kate is incredibly overqualified to be running an office, but working in a family business allows her the flexibility she desires to be a mom, aunt, wife, Sunday School teacher, daughter, and friend.

SoundLife Hearing Technologies Wants to Get to Know You

Enough about us. How about you? SoundLife Hearing Technologies wants to get to know you and your situation and we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible care for your hearing health dilemma. Contact us today at (417) 753-2971 or (800) 304-2787 or continue to roam through our website until you find the information that you need.