Consultation with a Hearing Specialist


SoundLife Hearing Technologies is dedicated to finding the right hearing aids and hearing solutions for you. We don’t just offer expert services in hearing aid repair and affordable hearing aids, we also provide professional advice and guidance. At SoundLife Hearing Technologies, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your hearing impairment issues with a hearing specialist who will work with you to find the perfect hearing aids. Find out more about what to expect when you speak to a hearing specialist.

What Is A Hearing Specialist?

A hearing specialist is also referred to as a Hearing Instrument Specialist - someone who specializes specifically in hearing aid fittings. A hearing instrument specialist will test your hearing, assess the level and severity of your impairment, help you find and fit the right hearing aid, and then see you regularly to ensure the hearing aid is functioning properly and efficiently.

Questions to Expect

When you visit your specialist, there are some questions that you can expect to be asked. It’s a good idea to think beforehand about how your impairment affects you on a daily basis. This will help to give you a foundation for answering the questions and give your specialist a clearer understanding of your problem.

However, don’t worry if you struggle to think of anything — at SoundLife Hearing Technologies we have a lot of experience and will be able to assess your situation through testing and asking questions. These questions are typically about how you feel about your hearing, how much of a problem it causes, whether you have always had issues or they developed recently and other related issues.

Your Hearing Test

An hearing instrument specialist will also administer a series of hearing tests to assess the condition of your hearing. These include tests in:

  • AC pure tone

  • speech reception threshold

  • bone conduction

  • speech discrimination

These tests are all painless and don’t take long. Our hearing specialists use them to measure not just your basic ability to hear but also your ability to understand. This all helps to determine the best hearing aids for you.

Regular Visits

Once you’ve found the hearing solution that suits you, you should see your hearing care provider regularly to see how well your new hearing aids are working and how much of a difference they have made. This is important as a way to continue to make sure they are right for you and to see if any adjustments or fixes are required. This is usually every four to six months but varies on a case-by-case basis.

Contact a Hearing Specialist Today

If you’d like to speak to a hearing specialist, contact SoundLife Hearing Technologies today. Remember that our staff is experienced in working with people living with hearing impairments to make their lives easier. Feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns you might have, or take a look at the other hearing impairment related services we offer.

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