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SoundLife Hearing Technologies is dedicated to finding the best hearing aids and hearing solutions for you. By offering options from the six leading manufacturers of hearing aids, we give you the opportunity to find the perfect, affordable and most effective fit. Not only will you find the right technology for your needs – but the right aids for your budget. You’ll also have the benefit of advice and guidance from the experienced team of hearing specialists at SoundLife Hearing Technologies. Here you can find out more about the line of Starkey hearing aids that we offer.

About Starkey

For 50 years, Starkey has been a leading innovator in hearing technologies – from aids to brand new products to help specific, unique issues. Starkey has developed devices that can be adapted for different environments, offering unrivaled versatility for those with hearing impairments.

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids are available in a range of different sizes and shapes. Take a look at what’s available below. Finding the right device for you is important. You should be able to wear it comfortably and hear things at a comfortable level that isn’t too quiet or overly loud.

In-Ear – Regular, Low Profile, and Invisible

In-ear devices are designed to fit comfortably inside the ear canal. Standard in-ear sit in the outer portion of the ear. You can also have lower profile in-canal devices that are smaller or invisible aids that sit entirely in the ear canal. Invisible models are fitted with a small handle for easy removal.

Behind Ear

Behind the ear is the most common model and is available with an in-canal receiver or without, and in standard, mini or power. These are also available as a single-sided option if you only experience issues in one ear.


If you’re a sufferer of tinnitus – a persistent and irritating ringing in your ears – Starkey offers devices to help you, too. Starkey has options designed to relieve ringing in your ears.

For more detailed information about which one of the above options is best for you, make an appointment to speak to one of our hearing specialists today.

Find Your Perfect Hearing Aids

If you’re ready to talk about the right hearing technology for you, contact SoundLife Hearing Technologies today. We can guide you through the process of deciding on the right hearing aids, getting them fitted and how to get used to and use them. If you’d like to talk to a hearing specialist, take a look at our other hearing impairment services and get in touch.


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