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Established in 1904 in Denmark by Hans Demant, Oticon is one of the longest-running and most reputable hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Focused on their People First mission, Oticon is dedicated to empowering people to communicate freely, interact naturally, and participate actively.


The OPN™ is the newest hearing aid offered by Oticon. This hearing aid provides 360° sound constantly using the OpenSound Navigator Environmental Analyzer.

While traditional hearing aids isolate the sound from one speaker and suppress all others, OPN™ technology works 50 times faster than the previous generation of hearing aid solutions and is fast enough to give you access to multiple speakers so you can listen to the sounds around you while suppressing unnecessary noise.

OPN™ also includes rechargeable technology and powerful tinnitus relief. Offered in multiple models, including the miniRITE, the miniRITE-T, and the BET PP, OPN™ has the hearing solution for you.


The Oticon Alta2 is fitted with the listening preferences and styles to suit your needs. Since you hear with your brain and not your ears, the Alta2 is designed to match your individual sound perception to create a personalized hearing experience.

Follow conversations with ease with Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology, which includes Speech Guard E, Soft Speech Booster, and Inium Sense feedback shields. The Alta2 is the premium model of the Inium Sense performance line.


Oticon’s advanced mid-level hearing aid, the Nera2 offers superior sound quality and multiple options for personalization. Including three of Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technologies, the Nera2 will help you better understand speech in all of life’s situations, with personalization options to suit your style.


Oticon’s budget model hearing aid, the Ria2, provides all the essentials you need to experience quality hearing. Oticon’s professional options tailor the sound to your personal hearing preferences in order to provide you with a more natural listening experience. Ria2 comes in an affordable package that allows you to customize your device to the style that fits you.


If you have severe hearing loss, you know there is a big difference between hearing sounds and making sense of them. Dynamo is designed to allow your brain to get access to the fuller spectrum of sounds and lets you hear more speech details. Hear more details with Oticon’s most innovative super powered hearing aid.

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