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Someone you can trust

I was referred to Joe at SoundLife Hearing Technologies when I started having trouble with my second pair of hearing aids. Having gone through the “spiel” twice already with other hearing aid providers, I was skeptical. My previous experiences had somewhat jaded me because, in both cases, the providers’ apparent goal was simply to make the sale. (In fact, I have been known to say that the business of selling hearing aids is a scam). Providing me with hearing aids that were appropriate for me and within my financial constraints was not a priority. Beyond that, after the sale was made, and I would return for follow up service visits (which is absolutely necessary), I felt like I was a being a nuisance and wasting the providers’ time. Of course, they were not making money because I was taking up time that could have been used to make another sale....

WELL! Then there’s Joe at SoundLife Hearing. He completely changed my attitude about hearing aid providers. The first day I walked into his office, I took two friends with me: skepticism and mistrust. After speaking with him and working with him to find a hearing solution, I have been able to say, quite truthfully, “I trust this guy. I don’t feel like I’m being scammed.” (This from someone whose motto is “trust no one.”) His bottom line is not about his bottom line. He really cares about providing a solution to achieve the best hearing experience without a hidden agenda of going for the upsell.Take my advice: If you need hearing aids (or think that you might), go talk to Joe. If you have had a bad experience with buying hearing aids in the past, but find yourself in need again, go talk to Joe. You will be in good hands.
— DJ, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Skeptic To Believer

I wasn’t sure about hearing aids but decided to give them a try. I am sold on them, they have been such a blessing to me and my family and I’m so glad Joe helped me. I would do it again in a heartbeat, my only regret is that I didn’t get help sooner.
— Bettie, Lebanon MO

Hand In Hand

My husband suffers from hearing loss. Although I do not suffer from hearing loss, over time I began to realize that I was suffering from loss of a different kind. Many times, usually when we were at public gatherings, I would realize that he was not hearing the same comments and conversations that I was hearing. Since it was often impossible to immediately relate what had just been said, I planned to share with him at a later time what he had missed. However, sharing stale comments isn’t as fulfilling as one might hope, and often I would simply forget about it once the moment had passed. At other times, such as when sitting outside together in the evening, I would be listening to the wind rustling the leaves, the crickets chirping, or children laughing in the neighbor’s yard, and suddenly realize that he was hearing none of this. Instead, he was sitting in silence. In both cases, though we were side by side, it was as if we were in different worlds and not really sharing the same experience. My husband is my best friend, and I want to share every part of my world with my best friend. I know hearing aids are expensive. But I also know that if one of us was suffering from any other disability which kept us from sharing our life with each other and something was available to restore what had been lost, we would make the necessary sacrifice to obtain it. Hearing aids have restored to us something very precious—sharing life together. For that I am truly grateful.
— Melinda Ash Grove, MO

Along The Journey

Having a hearing impairment plays a strong role during my whole life. Being in my mid-twenties and just finishing college, I needed to be able to have hearing aids and listening devices that will help me succeed in all that my life will bring. Additionally, I chose to become a teacher and needed to be able to hear my students well so I can be the best teacher for them. With that said, I am blessed to have Mr. Joe Wilson as my hearing specialist. Before, I had other hearing specialists and audiologists since before kindergarten. Sadly, those said specialists never took care of my hearing aids or kept up with the changes of my hearing. Simply, Mr. Wilson is truly the best hearing specialist I ever had. Not long ago, I received my new hearing aids. What a blessing and life changing moment! I can remember Mr. Wilson turning on my new hearing aids. He wasn’t just turning on hearing devices, he was opening a world of sounds and life. From that moment, I am able to pick up words he would say to me as my back faced him. Outside, I can hear birds chirping, the rustle of leaves, and my favorite is being able to hear rain (favorite sound I couldn’t hear before). I am so thankful for how much Mr. Wilson changed my life! Never have I had a hearing specialist that keeps in touch with you, always keeping your hearing aids working at its best, and makes sure that your hearing impairment is a blessing to you with the hearing devices he provides. Because of Mr. Wilson and my hearing devices, I can experience this world and hear all the amazing things God designed!
— Casey, Willard, MO

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