Hearing Specialist Advice: Hearing Safety at Concerts

A Hearing Specialist on Protecting Your Ears at Concerts


Concerts are a lot of fun for you, but not so fun for your hearing. If you’re not careful, too many concerts or not taking precautions at concerts could lead to hearing damage. We love a good concert as much as the next person, but there’s a way to enjoy your favorite band or artist live while still being safe. Today in the Soundlife Hearing Technologies blog, our hearing specialist gives some tips for protecting your ears at concerts.

Wear Ear Plugs

First and foremost, you need to get a pair of foam or silicone ear plugs. These plugs help to block out feedback and harmful sound, while still letting you hear the music clearly. Our hearing specialist recommends you get custom ear plugs, especially if you go to a lot of concerts. Custom ear plugs fit better and they’re much more comfortable. Plus, they’re made of higher quality material, which filters out more harmful noise while keeping the music clear.

Take Breaks from Concerts

If you go to concerts every week, it might be good to give your hearing a little bit longer of a break. Our hearing specialist recommends that you take a break after the concert too. Instead of going home and listening to headphones or blasting music in the car, try reading a book or doing something else that’s quiet and relaxing. This will allow your ears to recover.

Don’t Stand Near the Stage or Speakers

If possible, you want to maintain a decent distance away from the stage and the speakers. The closer you are to the source of the sound, the more damage you’ll be potentially doing to your hearing. The sound is designed to carry through the whole venue, so you should be able to hear fine no matter where you stand.

Pay Attention to Signs of Damage

If after a concert you’re experiencing a ringing in your ears, you may have done some damage. If the ringing persists, you should see a hearing specialist to have a hearing test done.

See a Hearing Specialist at Soundlife

At Soundlife Hearing Technologies, we can examine your ears and deduce if you need hearing aids. We have a variety of hearing aids, one of which will perfectly meet your needs. We also offer hearing aid checkups, programming, and hearing aid repair. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist, contact us today.