What to Expect in a Hearing Evaluation

What Happens in a Hearing Evaluation?


It’s not often that you get a hearing evaluation, so it’s understandable to wonder how the appointment is going to go. There’s nothing to be afraid of, as a hearing evaluation is a painless and relatively simple appointment. Today in the Soundlife Hearing Technologies blog, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect.

Upon Your Arrival

As with any medical appointment, when you arrive you’ll have to fill out some paperwork. We know it’s a pain, but it’s also important to get your medical history in order to give you the best results in your hearing evaluation possible. Also, if you’ve had tests done in the past, it’s good to bring those results along with you. It helps to see how your hearing has changed since then.

The Hearing Evaluation

Typically, your hearing evaluation will consist of three different tests. These test will include:

  • Air Conduction Test - This is probably the test most people are familiar with. In this test, you’ll wear headphones and raise your hand to indicate which ear the tone is playing in. The different tones give us an idea of the types of sounds you can hear.

  • Bone Conduction Test - Did you know you can hear through the vibrations in your mastoid bone? In fact, there are some headphones that utilize this technology. The same principle applies to this test. This allows us to pinpoint what part of the ear the hearing loss can be attributed to.

  • Speech Test - This test uses spoken words to determine your ability to hear words at different volumes.

You can expect your exam to take about 30-45 minutes, on average. After these tests, the testing portion of your hearing evaluation is complete.

What’s Next?

What happens next depends on the results of your hearing evaluation. If there isn’t anything wrong with your hearing, you can go home with a clean bill of health and peace of mind. If we find instances of hearing loss, there’s no need to worry. We can begin the process of fitting you for a hearing aid. We’ll make sure to get you the perfect hearing aid that meets your individual needs.

Get a Hearing Evaluation at Soundlife Hearing Technologies

At Soundlife Hearing Technologies, we offer hearing evaluations, fitting for hearing aids, hearing programming, hearing aid repair, and more. Getting your hearing evaluated on a fairly regular basis is vital for keeping track of the health of your ears. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an evaluation with us.