How to Clean and Care for Your Hearing Aids

At-Home Care for Hearing Aids


If you let your hearing aids get dirty, or if you don’t take proper care of them, you’ll probably have some trouble getting them to function at peak efficiency. You can easily prevent frequent trips to your hearing specialist to repair them by following some simple at-home care tips. Of course, after we give you your hearing aids, we’ll send you home with some maintenance information, but you can always refer to this blog if you forget or lose those materials.

Test Them Regularly

Every day, you should make sure your hearing aids are in good, working condition. Make sure everything is clear, and that the sound is at the proper volume. If you’re hearing unnusual feedback or they sound weak, they may need repairs. It’s also good to check your batteries with a battery tester. If the batteries are starting to get weak, you should replace them soon.


Cleaning your hearing aids is fairly easy, but you do have to be gentle with them to avoid causing any damage. Using a soft, dry cloth is the best option. If there is any dirt or contaminants, gently clean them off with your cloth and with a mild cleaning solution, recommended by your hearing specialist. In most cases cleaning them with a toothbrush is the best approach to cleaning them. One important thing is to make sure you don’t allow them to take on moisture whenever possible. This means you shouldn’t shower or wash your face when you have them in. If you keep your hearing aids in a container while not in use, this should reduce the amount of moisture exposure. Sometimes patients will need to purchase a little dryer to store their hearing aids in overnight. These usually run around $10.00.

Leave Repairs to the Professionals

If your hearing aids do eventually need repairs, it’s best not to attempt and perform them yourself. Instead, bring it to a hearing specialist who can make sure the repair is done right. This way there’s no risk of you damaging them any further. Worst case scenario, you could damage them beyond repair and have to get a new pair.

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